Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer

A First Hand Account of the Craft Beer Revolution with Joe Wiebe

Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer
A Walk Through (Beer) Time with Joe Wiebe – The Thirsty Writer

Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty WriterBC Craft beer has seen a renaissance in recent years with explosive growth and an excitement unparalleled by any other local industry.  While it may be easy to sit back and watch the world of local beer shake beneath your feet, there are opportunities to get out your hammer and chisel to unearth the history of where we have come from. In this metaphor though, the hammer is your hand and the chisel is a glass of beer. In a nutshell, the Thirsty Writer has done your homework for you.

Author of the widely popular Craft Beer Revolution book(s) Joe Wiebe, A.K.A The Thirsty Writer, has put together a crash course on the history of BC craft beer and brings the education around BC to local breweries. In this case we sat down at Penticton’s Bad Tattoo Brewing to learn a thing or two.

The seminar is a mixture of history, libations and banter that educates, entertains and builds interaction over the course of 90 minutes or so. Starting back in the pre-prohibition era, Joe takes keen minds back in time to experience what beer used to be and what has changed to shape it into what we see today.Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer

This is no high school history class though, each era has a beer that is essential to understanding the flavours of yesteryear and what shaped the flavours of today.

Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer

Even the craftiest of beer geeks are bound to learn a few things from the depth of Joe’s knowledge. After writing a couple books about BC craft beer he has learned a few interesting facts along the way. From talking about the Phoenix Brewery of the late 1800s to breweries that have not yet opened their doors, Joe’s seminar gives an intimate look into what has made, and continues to make, BC craft beer so great.

Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer

To Learn more about the Thirsty Writer visit, or if you want to guide yourself through BC craft beer purchase the Craft Beer Revolution book today

Joe Wiebe - The Thirsty Writer

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