Deep Cove Brewers – Scout Rye IPA

Deep Cove Brewers Scout Rye IPA Review


3.9 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers
  • Beer Style: India Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    Nice citrus flavour with a light Rye spice

  • Cons:

    Not as much Rye as the former version presented

  • Conclusion:

    A citrus and pine infused IPA with light Rye spice

Deep Cove Brewers Scout Rye IPA Review Deep Cove Brewers – Scout Rye IPA Review

Deep Cove has shifted their branding and their beers slightly. What was once the Star Struck Rye IPA is now the Scout and is named after the Baden Powell Trail that runs from Horseshoe Bay to Deep Cove. This Big, spicy and bold IPA pours from the bomber bottle as a lightly clouded, golden colour with a finger and a half of lacing head. The beer smells of citrus, pine and big hops. On the nose the rye content doesn’t add the same spice that you may expect from other Rye IPAs. Tasting the beer it is a woodsy IPA with a strong pine flavour and a grapefruit-lemon citrus flavour that takes charge. The Rye flavour does come into the picture but the citrus notes mask its intensity. From memory, the recipe seems to have changed from the Star Struck making a beer that is more IPA and less Rye. It is big and flavourful but the citrus tones add a refreshing taste to the flavour. The Scout is a journey and wherever you are venturing on Vancouver’s North Shore, this is  beer that will be a great companion for your trip.

Alcohol – 7.0%
Size – 650ml bottles



Deep Cove Brewers Scout Rye IPA Review Deep Cove Brewers Scout Rye IPA Review

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