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The Beer Me BC Buzz – Episode 4 – Just Here for the Beer Radio

The Beer Me BC Buzz – Episode 4 – Just Here for the Beer Radio

Original airing: March 12, 2016

TSN 1410 Radio Vancouver 

In the fourth installment of the Beer Me BC Buzz with TSN 1410’s Just Here For The Beer Dustan Sept talks about the journey to 1000 BC craft beer reviews on beermebc.com. In nearly four years there have been a ton of great beers to be released in BC and the number of breweries has tripled. The beer has changed too, listen to hear about the evolution of the BC IPA and what has changed over the past 4 years and 1000 beers.

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Dustan Sept

Dustan Sept is the founder of Beer Me BC. His passion for craft beer drove the creation of beermebc.com in 2012. To learn more about the beermebc.com editorial team visit beermebc.com/the-beer-me-bc-team/.

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