John H.R. Molson & Bros – 1908 Historic Pale Ale

Molson 1908 Historic Pale Ale


3.8 out of 5
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3.4 out of 5


3.4 out of 5


  • Brewery: John H.R. Molson
  • Beer Style: Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    Nice appearance and mellow nose on an old-style pale ale

  • Cons:

    Boozy for the ABV and a not very flavourful

  • Conclusion:

    A somewhat "crafty" pale ale that brings Molson back to its brewing roots

Molson 1908 Historic Pale Ale John H.R. Molson & Bros – 1908 Historic Pale Ale Review

Molson has taken a unique approach to attracting the craft beer crowd with their new brew. Rather than dubbing it a craft(y) beer they pay homage to tradition with a 1908 Historic Pale Ale. This beer uses a throwback recipe and yeast strait to when Molson was in fact a craft brewery (although craft beer was not yet a thing).

Pouring this beer from the 625ml bottle the 1908 Historic Pale Ale has a colour of hazy, golden-amber and is topped with three-plus fingers of tightly packed and lacing head. The appearance of this beer is actually quite good. The aroma is slight with a mild, English style hop tone, light sweetness and a grainy, pale-malt tone that is also quite subtle but still there. Tasting the beer, it has a slightly creamy texture to it and a bit of a booziness to it. The flavour starts off quite light and builds into a earthly, lightly tart and bittered finish. The flavour is actually quite simple though, it doesn’t really have a lot going on. Overall this is a beer that marks a great step forward for a Molson branded beer. It tastes like an old-style Pale Ale with a higher than typical alcohol content and fairly bitter finish.

Alcohol – 6.8%
Size – 625ml Bottle

Molson 1908 Historic Pale Ale Molson 1908 Historic Pale Ale

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  1. Mike
    Mike 1 March, 2016, 12:35

    I wonder how long they wait to add corn to this beer. It’s cool they are trying to make a quality beer and I commend them for it but it does not look good on the corporate books with higher costs and lower sales.

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    • Jeremy Nemanishen
      Jeremy Nemanishen 2 March, 2016, 13:39

      I wonder if it could be a kind of product where they don’t expect to make as high a margin so as to bring in some customers that were being drawn away towards the smaller breweries… Seeing it more as a long term strategy to eat into the craft market share perhaps…

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  2. bruce moore
    bruce moore 17 May, 2016, 23:39

    taste at first ok but very quickly began to taste like wood. by the time i got to the bottom of the bottle , it tasted like a beer that was open all night nice try, but crap!!

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