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Callister Brewing – The Home of Individual Brewing Expression

Callister Brewing Tasting Room LoungeFour Unique Takes On Craft Beer Under One Roof at Callister Brewing

Callister Brewing is no typical brewery, it is no typical business and the people that are behind the idea – are by now means typical. With more than 120 breweries operating in British Columbia, Callister has taken a unique and refreshing path to running their business.

The easiest way to define what Callister is doing is to call them a brewery co-op; but, that wouldn’t really be correct.

Callister Brewing Company Business FrontageThe outside of the building is labelled Callister Brewing Company, and if you were to dig through business licenses and BCLDB records that is what you will find there as well. Stepping into the building though, you will find another story. Callister is front and centre as the ringleader but there are an additional three “breweries” operating out of the space. Machine Ales, Brewery Creek and Real Cask Ales each have a time-share of sorts where they can brew their own beers on site.

Callister Brewing Brewhouse

The four different brewing companies take turns using the brewhouse and have dedicated tanks for their own brews. The result is a dozen+ different brews on tap for tasting and growler fills with a very broad array of styles. Each of the four breweries has a different brewmaster and takes a very different approach to their beers. This gives a very diverse range of styles and flavour all under one roof. So what does each party bring to the table?

Callister Brewing Fermentor Farm

Callister Brewing Taster GlassCallister Brewing

Callister takes a fairly traditional approach to their beers by BC standards. A balance of northwest styles and darker, malt-forward beers bring brewmaster Chris Lay’s home brewing prowess to the masses. Try the Porter; you will be impressed.

Machine Ales

A truly northwest styled brewing team makes Machine Ales an IPA making machine. Exploring the flavours of local and imported hops, Machine will undoubtedly have at least a couple hop-forward beers when you visit that flex some serious IBU and flavour muscles.

Brewery Creek KegsBrewery Creek

The face behind Brewery Creek is a man well known to the Vancouver craft beer scene, Chester Carey. As Canada’s first Certified Cicerone and acclaimed home brewer, Brewery Creek focuses their efforts on Belgian-styled table beers.

Real Cask Ales

Another person that needs no introduction in Vancouver is Adam Chatburn. Former CAMRA Vancouver president, home brewer and authentic Brit, Adam is brewing authentic English-style cask ales served the traditional way in a cask engine.

Real Cask Ales Cask Engines Callister Brewing Fermentor

Past experience shows us that some of the most experimental, unique and subsequently delicious beer comes out of nano-breweries. They have the size that encourages experimentation and the spirit to drive innovation. Cram four different nano-breweries into one location and you are bound to turn up with something special. Plus, with more than a dozen beers on tap inspired from around the world, chances are that you will find something right up your alley when you visit for yourself.

Check out the brewery breweries for yourself next time you are in East Vancouver. They are located at 1338 Franklin Street just off Clarke. You can also visit them online at

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