Bad Tattoo Brewing Co. – Tramp Stamp Pale Ale

Bad Tattoo Brewing Tramp Stamp Pale Ale Review


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  • Brewery: Bad Tattoo Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Pale Ale
  • Pros:

    Nice tropical fruit nose in a BC-Style Pale Ale

  • Cons:

    The flavour is not as big as the nose

  • Conclusion:

    A sessionable Pale Ale with nice fruit notes on the nose

Bad Tattoo Brewing Tramp Stamp Pale Ale ReviewBad Tattoo Brewing Co. – Tramp Stamp Pale Ale Review

The Bad Tattoo Brewing has brewed up a tongue-in-cheek Pale Ale called the Tramp Stamp with the curious moniker “What’s up down Under” printed on the label. This 5.3% alcohol beer comes in bomber bottles and is available in Penticton and select BC craft beer retailers. From the bottle the Tramp Stamp pours an amber colour with two fingers of head which settles at a moderate pace leaving light lacing behind on the glass. An aroma of malt, caramel and pacific-style hops gives the beer a light sweetness alongside a classic BC-styled Pale Ale nose. The citrus, and pineapple hop tones give an additional sweetness and lightness to the aroma. Tasting the beer it is a fairly classically styled American Pale Ale with a nice balance of hop tones and malted smoothness. The flavour is not as intense with fruit notes as the aroma but remains light, sessionable and easy drinking with a delicious Pale Ale flavour profile. The beer may not blow your socks off but that was intentional. This classic beer is extremely drinkable and has a nice, sessionable characteristic that is great time, and time again.

Alcohol – 5.3%
Size – 650ml bottle


Bad Tattoo Brewing Tramp Stamp Pale Ale ReviewBad Tattoo Brewing Tramp Stamp Pale Ale Review


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  1. Mike
    Mike 11 February, 2016, 12:28

    I have been meaning to try this one. The names a riot. I will have to remember to try it at the Fest-of-Ale.

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  2. pinktravelgirl
    pinktravelgirl 16 February, 2016, 14:22

    Hands-down the best name for a craft beer! The names just keeps getting better and better…

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  3. Gabriel Geiger
    Gabriel Geiger 4 September, 2016, 18:36

    I purchased the Bad Tattoo taster pack here in Edmonton for the sole reasons of trying something new (BC brewers are a strong and talented bunch) and the fact that I liked the clever name and packaging. The taster pack had their ACP Golden Ale, Los Muertos Cerveza Negra, Westcoast IPA, and the Tramp Stamp Pale Ale. 2016 – 10 was marked on the bottles, so I’m assuming this was the ‘best before’ date. I do not claim to be a beer expert or aficionado, however I try and enjoy craft beers from all over the world and am always game to try new and innovative brewing styles, or tried and true recipes that have been around from the middle ages. For reasons I am not entirely certain, I found all four of the Bad Tattoo beers in my taster pack to range from poor to undrinkable. I have actually poured out the Pale Ales and IPAs (and I love hoppy beers). The respective flavours expected for each beer left an unpleasant fore-and-aftertaste. My guess is that this beer was somehow contaminated in the brewing process or that the recipe was off–all 4 varieties were very, very foamy, overflowing a gently-poured half-full glass like an Alka Seltzer tablet had been dropped in it. I have never left a public review on beer before and mean no disrespect to the brewers; this must certainly be an aberration. My intent is only to point out that there might be some break in the chain of quality control which I wanted to bring to your attention.

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    • dustansept
      dustansept Author 4 September, 2016, 20:36

      Hello Gabriel,

      Thank you for your comment. In general our experience has been quality product from Bad Tattoo so we are sorry to hear that you did not like the beer. You would be best to speak to the brewery as I am sure that they would appreciate your comments.

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