Bridge Brewing Co. – Brucke Berliner Weisse

Bridge Brewing Brucke Berliner Weisse Review


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  • Brewery: Bridge Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Berliner Weisse
  • Pros:

    Great balance of sour, wheat and pilsner flavours.

  • Cons:

    Not a widely available beer

  • Conclusion:

    A sessionable and very tasty beer for days when refreshment is a must

Bridge Brewing Brucke Berliner Weisse ReviewBridge Brewing Co. – Brucke Berliner Weisse Review

The Berliner Weisse style brings together two of the hottest trends in BC craft beer flavour: session ales and sour beers. This light flavoured, low alcohol, sour beer comes from Bridge Brewing at 2.8% and 1 IBU. From the bomber bottle the Brucke pours as a light straw colour with two full fingers of slowly settling head. An aroma of wheat and pilsner-like tones make up a light and sessionable aroma. The sour tones are subtle and meld with the hight aroma from the hallertauer hops. The body is light and bubbly and the sour tones come in right off the bat. They are distinct and apparent but do not over-run the beer’s flavour. Flavours of wheat and coriander plus traditional pilsner malt tones make the flavour resemble something of a Pilsner-Witbier with a kick of sourness to it. This is a very refreshing beer that you could drink all day without getting tired or light in the head. Low alcohol, light sourness and sessionable flavour make this beer a sure hit for the summer ahead.

Alcohol – 2.8%
IBU – 1
Hops – Hallertauer
Size – 650ml

Bridge Brewing Brucke Berliner Weisse Review Bridge Brewing Brucke Berliner Weisse Review

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