Big Rock Urban Brewery – Rauchbier

Big Rock Urban Brewery Rauchbier Review


3.8 out of 5
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4 out of 5


4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Big Rock Urban Brewery
  • Beer Style: Rauchbier
  • Pros:

    Big smoke with a nice malt characteristic

  • Cons:

    A lot of smoke flavour, if you are not into that

  • Conclusion:

    A smoky yet balanced Rauchbier

Big Rock Urban Brewery Rauchbier ReviewBig Rock Urban Brewery – Rauchbier Review

The Big Rock Urban Brewery Rauchbier, or Smoked Ale in English, is a concoction from local Vancouver brewmaster Jody Hammell. This beer pours from the bomber bottle as a deep and dark amber-brown colour that lets a small amount of light through. Topped with a finger and a half of head the beer has an aroma that balances toasted malt and light caramel tones with a deep smoke flavour. The Smoke is strong yet balanced where the smoke doesn’t mask the other flavours out. Tasting the beer a mid body makes way for flavours of toasted malt, strong smoke tones and a smooth, caramel like tone. The flavour is big on the smoke but still mellow enough that the malty tones and light caramel flavours balance out the equation. The Big Rock Rauchbier is a test of balance where smoke and toasted malt tones hops work together in a big flavoured combination

Alcohol – 5.8%
IBU – 25
Size – 650ml


Big Rock Urban Brewery Rauchbier Review Big Rock Urban Brewery Rauchbier Review

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