2015 Hops Connect Cup

BrUBC Wins 3rd Annual Hops Connect Cup Home Brew Competition

3rd Annual Hops Connect Cup Home-Brew Competition Goes to BrUBC

Three years ago the hop distribution company, Hops Connect, started something special. They reached out to the local university based brewing clubs to challenge them to a brew-off. Supplying each team with the hops they needed to brew the teams got to it.

This competition is about more than just a few prizes. Sure, each beer that wins a category is awarded some loot from local breweries but there are really two awards that trump the others. The first is the Best in Show. The best beer across all categories is awarded this coveted title and is brewed by a local brewery in a production scale batch. The second prestigious award is the Hops Connect Cup. The university that brews the best beers across all categories takes home the cup for the year ahead.

The 2015 Hops Connect Cup was hosted by The Big Rock Urban Brewery where the teams gathered for the awards. The Yaletown Brewery has also joined in the fun where they will be brewing the product beer for the Best in Show winner.


At the Big Rock Urban Brewery the university brew clubs gathered for the big show. Teams sampled the concoctions of each other’s imaginations and awaited the awards presentation. Teams submitted beers in five categories and were rated at a previous engagement. Van Home Brewers members and other beer judges put the beer (and their palates) to the test to choose the 2015 Hops Connect Cup Brewing Champions.


Tim Travis – University of Victoria

Extra Special Bitter
Adam Bocsky – Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Helga’s Extra Special Cocoa Bitter

English Bitter
Nanzanin Khodarahim, Amanda Woren & Darrick Lee – University of British Columbia
Hoptical Illusion

India Pale Ale
Pascal Turmel, Ivy McCuaig & Maggie Miland – University of British Columbia
Pineapple Express

Double India Pale Ale
Cynthia Ni, Joseph English & Elliot Siefried – University of British Columbia
Ursa Major

Best In Show
Tim Travis – University of Victoria
Sopils Pilsner

2015 Hops Connect Cup Winner
University of British Columbia

The Sopils will be brewed and served at the Yaletown Brewery. If you would like to try the recipe that won this year’s Best in Show you will need to head over to Yaletown Brewery soon!

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