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Hops are a magical ingredient that started off as a preservative for beer but is now the flavour that we love so dearly in IPAs, Pale Ales and pretty much every other beer style you can imagine. A hop is not just a hop though with hundreds of varieties offering an unimaginably wide array of flavours.  Grown around the world each variety brings something new to the table and inspires brewers everywhere to try new thins and stretch the boundaries of craft beer flavour.2015_09_BMBC-FreshHop-6013

HopsConnect-WarehouseHow do hops make their way around the world and into the beer that you drink? Well, I would like to introduce you to Hops Connect!

Hops Connect was founded with the intention of bringing quality hops to Canada. That goal has expanded into Asia and now involves not just distribution but also growing hops in Pemberton, B.C.. Hops Connect has their head office in North Vancouver while their warehousing, shipping and hop farm are located in Pemberton. Additionally they have satellite offices located in Toronto, Korea and Singapore.

HopsConnect-Warehouse2You may think this is an international company but they are Canadian through and through. Their reach goes beyond the Canadian borders but the team that is looking to supply Canada’s brewers with top-grade hops is as local as they come. Specializing in T90 pellets, the Pemberton Warehouse is stocked with hops that have been grown around the world. From German to Australian, American to Canadian hop varieties, Hops Connect has it covered!2015_09_BMBC-FreshHop-6124

Brewers of all sizes reap the benefits of Hops Connect and their bringing of Hops to Canada. Breweries purchase large quantities from the team but home brewers too can purchase small packages from their online store. The business is based on relationships, people and filling the hop shortage that is an active threat to craft beer. Regardless of if you are at home brewing 10 liters of beer or at a brewery brewing 2000 liters, Hops Connect can help.




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