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Steamworks Celebrates the Harvest with the Harvest Party

Steamworks keg car
Steamworks Hop Attack Fresh HopSteamworks Brewery Welcomes Fall With The Harvest Party

Steamworks Brewing Co. knows that the fall is worth celebrating and with celebration comes seasonal craft beer. Autumnal beers like Pumpkin Ales and Fresh Hop beers are about more than just the turning leaves. It is about the age old tradition of the fall harvest.

The annual harvest is a time for celebration, a time for friends, and a time for craft beer. From barley to hops, and even pumpkins, it is the farmers and the brewers together that give us the flavours that we love so much and who we can thank for making such delicious seasonal offerings.

Steamworks Jenga

At the Burnaby based Steamworks Brewery, the brewing team hosted their first ever Harvest Party to celebrate the turning leaves and the flavours that come with the fall harvest. From beer to barbecue and even some playful jumbo Jenga with Brewmaster Julia Hanlon the event saw the letting loose of the Steamworks team and those that came out to celebrate the best time of the year. Steamworks Chicken BBQ

The tap lines were filled with the Streamworks Pumpkin Ale plus the brand new Hop Attack Fresh Hop IPA along with other fall and year round favourites. The community of North Burnaby came out to bask in the glory of fall beer flavours and bbq glory. With Chicken on the bbq, beer in the tap lines and snacks at the bar, the stage was set.

Held just prior to the start of BC Craft Beer Month, the Harvest Party was in many ways like the pre-party for a month of festivities to come. October is the month for craft beer in BC and with the BC Beer Awards just around the corner, the impressive display of awards held by the Steamworks Brewery seemed like forecasting for what we can expect at this year’s event on October 24th.

Steamworks Beer Awards

For Steamworks Brewery it is about British Columbia, it is about the local community and most importantly, it is about craft beer. The Harvest Party was a small celebration of the season and the flavours that come with it, but it seems that just about every day is worth celebrating at the Burnaby based Steamworks tasting room.

Get your fall started with the flavours that come with the season. The Steamworks Pumpkin Ale and Hop Attack Fresh Hop IPA will not last long so get them now! Also, the Heroica Red Ale is back where you can feel good about drinking a delicious Red Ale while supporting local fire fighters at the same time.

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