Steel & Oak Brewing Co. – Brune Aigre Belgian Brune

Steel & Oak Brune Aigre Bruin Review


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  • Brewery: Steel & Oak Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Brune
  • Pros:

    Great balance of sweet and sour tones

  • Cons:

    Not as sour as some may hope

  • Conclusion:

    Nice dried fruit, toffee and caramel tones with a light sour tone.

Steel & Oak Brewing Co. – Brune Aigre Belgian Brune ReviewSteel & Oak Brune Aigre Bruin Review

In the limited release line of beers brewed in New Westminster the Steel & Oak Brewing Company has released the Brune Aigre a kettle soured Belgian Brune. From a bomber bottle the Brun Aigre pours as a dark chestnut brown colour topped with a finger and a half of dense and slow to settle head. For a Brune the head is surprisingly thick and stable. An aroma of sweet caramel, toffee and a light burnt tone are joined with a light tartness on the nose. The sour aspect is rather subdued in the aroma though. The flavour is strong with roasted malt tones giving notes of toffee, caramel and dried fruits. The sourness is nothing but a light tartness that counteracts the sweetness from the caramel and dried fruit. This may not be a big and bold sour but that is not the point of a brun. The Aigre offers a delicate balance of both sweet and sour in a big bodied and deliciously complex flavoured Belgian beer.

Alcohol – 6.8%
IBU – 23
Size – 650ml
Price – $10.50 (Craft Beer Retailer)



Steel & Oak Brune Aigre Bruin Review

Steel & Oak Brune Aigre Bruin Review

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