High Point Liquor Store Craft Beer Selection

High Point Becomes New Face Of Hastings Street Liquor Store

High Point Liquor Store

High Point Becomes New Face Of Hastings Street Liquor Store

The Hastings Street Liquor Store has been one of the top spots for BC craft beer for several years. Their dedication to local and top quality craft beer has built the selection up from what was once part of a single fridge to a fairly large chunk of the store. Their location and the connotation with their name including “Hastings” made them one of the best kept craft beer secrets in Vancouver.

The times are changing and the new face of Hastings Street Liquor is now High Point Beer, Wine & Spirits. The selection remains the same but the image and brand have had a face lift.

High Point Liquor Store

When you step into the store you will be run into a wide selection of wine and spirits on the floor and a wall of fridges dedicated almost exclusively to craft beer. More than 200 craft beer options can be found in the fridges. Even the pickiest of beer drinkers should be able find something that they like here. From the latest limited releases to the staples of craft, the shelves have a great assortment of options from within BC and abroad.

High Point Liquor Store Craft Beer Selection

The dedication for craft at High Point does not stop at beer. in addition to BC Craft beer selection  there are also a wide variety of BC wines and one of the best local spirit sections around. Local BC craft spirits line the shelves. The local spirit industry is booming but it is still a challenge to find the product outside of each distillery. High Point addresses this with a great selection of spirits both imported and local.

High Point Liquor Store Craft Spirits

High Point Beer, Wine & Sprits Store offers a great selection of local beer, wine and spirits in addition to the imported products. Next time you are searching for the latest seasonal craft beer release give High Point a call, they may just have what you are looking for!

High Point – Beer Wine Spirits
2769 E Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V5K 1Z8
(604) 638-1632

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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 23 September, 2015, 15:40

    From the looks of the Bomber fridge they have expanded that since the last time I was there. It seems they have an extra door but I could be wrong. Interesting they would rebrand.

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  2. Andre
    Andre 3 November, 2015, 18:21

    I went to this liquor store and opened the door and the cashier told me” You can not come here, you stole from us” and it was loud enough that other customers heard what she said . I was totally shocked . I said I have not been to this store for more than 3 years and I just bought a wine 3 years ago . again with loud voice she said “No, I remember you. We have your picture. you bought something and put something else in your pocket!!! I calmly said ok please show me the picture” I was totally embarrassed as other customers and staff were looking at me . Then she brought two binders and went through pictures and could not even find somebody similar to me. and I asked the name of the other worker to be my witness and he said ” we can deny service to anybody any time for any reason” and then I talked to another lady that works there and I said listen I have not been in this store for more than 3 years and at that time I just bought a wine and paid for it. I told them |I have not stolen a dime in my life. but even though she could not find my picture or any proof was not apologetic. I just wrote down the name of the person – duty manager – who accused me and my witnesses and time that happened and left the store . The next morning I called the store manager and she said she completely defend the person who did to me and then repeat ” We can deny service to anybody, anytime, for any reason” and you should not be mad because we did not call police or put your picture behind the window!!!! and she said write a letter to the owner.

    I have been in this neighborhood for more than 16 years and I never stole a dime from any body and several times I found wallet with money and I found the rightful owner and return to them. and I was not dressed in a way that implied I am a shoplifter.

    I find this incident completely inappropriate and inhumane. They did not have slightest value for human dignity and they did not even apologize.

    Please do not shop from this store and also tell your friends what happened to me . Please deny your business to them as what they did to me was completely inhumane.

    There are other liquor stores in the neighbourhood:

    Thank you for your time.

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