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Beat The Brewmaster LogoEveryone has an opinion about the beer that they drink. Social Media is a great way to tell people all about your craft beer experiences – but how does it compare to the brewmaster’s thoughts?

Beat The Brewmaster is a social media platform that compares your interpretation of a beer to that of the brewer that created it. Across a variety of different categories you can go head to head against the brewers themselves. Take the Lighthouse Brewing Company’s Numbskull Imperial IPA for example. We thought we would take on brewmaster Dean McLeod and see how we fared.

Lighthouse Numbskull IIPA Review

The first thing to note about Beat The Brewmaster is that is isn’t easy. You can’t cheat your way through this test. Ensure that you have the beer in front of you so that you can put your sensory skills to the test. You may have a good memory and float through some of the easy questions but it won’t be long before the teacher catches up with you.
Beat The Brewmaster

When you log into Beat The Brewmaster you will see the beers that are available in your area. From here you can find the beer that you are drinking and about to challenge. As new breweries join the program more and more options will be available for you to challenge.

Beat The Brewmaster - Lighthouse Brewing - Dean McLeodWhen you select a beer for the first time you will start with the “Enthusiast” level. You are going to have to prove yourself in order to truly Beat The Brewmaster. As an Enthusiast you will answer a series of questions that were also answered by the brewmaster (Dean in this case). At this level of difficulty the horseshoes approach of “close counts” comes to mind. Chances are that you will float through the Enthusiast stage.

Beat The Brewmaster - Pro Level Questions

The questions, regardless of stage, focus around areas like appearance, aroma, taste and mouthfeel but as you progress get more defined and subsequently much more challenging.  Stage 2 in your quest to Beat The Brewmaster is called “Pro”. If you are a pro you will need to up your game in accuracy. In your game of horseshoes a leaner may still count but the margin of error is slimming.

Beat The Brewmaster - Pro Level Achievement

The final, pinnacle stage is the “Master”. This is what we are all shooting for. When you get to this level, it is not only about being able to taste the spicy-citrus notes but also detect diacetyl flavours in the brew among other rather more refined aspects of the beer. At this level, to match Dean’s preception you will need to score a ringer for all 10 questions. You will need to earn your chance in the ring through the Enthusiast and Pro levels of challenges. You didn’t think it would be easy did you?

Beat The Brewmaster - Master Level QuestionsBeat The Brewmaster - Master Level Questions

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