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How Well Do You Know BC Craft Beer? Take The Quiz!

Are you a BC beer expert? Take the quiz!

How well do you know beer? How about British Columbia craft beer? Take the quiz and see where your knowledge stacks up against the other beer drinkers of BC. Hey, you never know; maybe you will learn something?

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  1. Luc Rempel
    Luc Rempel 21 June, 2016, 12:54

    There’s a bit of misinformation in this quiz, specifically question 4. Skeena Brewing Company is not the northernmost brewery in BC as they do not exist. They’ve never produced a beer and don’t have a building. They’ve been in the planning stages for about 4 years and I believe they’re still looking for investors. Sherwood Mountain Brewing however does brew beer in Terrace so that would probably be a better answer. Just trying to help.

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