Bridge Brewing Co. – Razza Raspberry ISA

Bridge Brewing Co. – Razza Raspberry ISA


3.9 out of 5
4 out of 5
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3.9 out of 5


  • Beer Style: India Session Ale, Raspberry
  • Brewery: Bridge Brewing Co.
  • Pros:

    Nice raspberry flavour infusion with a light kick of hops while leaving out the berry sweetness

  • Cons:

    Not what you may expect if you are a big fruit beer fan

  • Conclusion:

    A fairly dry, lightly infused raspberry India Session Ale

Bridge Brewing Razza Raspberry ISA ReviewBridge Brewing Co. – Razza Raspberry ISA Review


In the procession of Summer Seasonal beers rolls the Razza, An India Session Ale with a fruity twist from the Bridge Brewing Company. At a mere 3.8% sessionability is at the heart of this beer and brewed with Magnum and Centennial Hops there is also a Northwest twist on a Raspberrry-infused beer. From the limited edition bomber bottle the Razza appears as a crisp amber colour which is darker than expected. Through two fingers of lightly lacing, densely packed head comes a lightly sweet, slightly sour, raspberry tone joined with a kick of piney hop aroma. The raspberry is subtle and the hop nudges shoulder to shoulder in the smell. The body is light and first on the palate is a light infusion of raspberry. The flavour doesn’t come across overly sweet but rather a fairly dry infusion of berry deliciousness. The hop flavour creeps into the mix nearer the finish for a raspberry and pine flavoured finale. The Razza is not your typical raspberry beer or ISA but it is a unique beer that will likely find the hearts of summer beer fanatics that do not possess a sweet tooth.


Alcohol – 3.8%
IBU – 35
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.75 (Craft Retailer)


Bridge Brewing Razza Raspberry ISA ReviewBridge Brewing Razza Raspberry ISA Review Bridge Brewing Razza Raspberry ISA Review

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