2015 Vancouver Craft Beer Week Comes To A Dramatic Close

A Fantastic Finish to a Week of Craft Beer in Vancouver at the PNE – 2015 Vancouver Craft Beer Week

2015 Vancouver Craft Beer Week - Parallel 49 Brewery

The 2015 Vancouver Craft Beer Week festivities came to a dramatic close with the final event. Spanning Saturday and Sunday on the PNE grounds the final event saw approximately 100 breweries in attendance feeding the thirst of thousands. While unconfirmed at this point in time the Vancouver Craft Beer Week final event is likely now the largest craft beer event in British Columbia.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week at the PNEIn the outdoor space trees line the area giving some well needed shade to booth vendors and attendees alike. Unique to craft beer events the location was fantastic and gave an experience unparalleled by other events. While the area was rather packed and at times it was difficult to get from point A to point B there was room to escape. Entertaining the crowd was a logger-sports competition where competitors took to the overhand chop, long-saw and other truly Canadian activities and awe spectators with their woodsman (and woodswoman) skills.

Vancouver Craft Beer Week Logger Sports

Having grown exponentially year over year it is not surprising to see some new faces among the breweries pouring. In addition to a full area of American breweries, local newcomers such as Hearthstone, Doan’s, Ravens and Off The Rail Brewing each had booths where they were able to introduce consumers to the latest in local brews.

Beer Fans at Vancouver Craft Beer Week

The sheer number of breweries in attendance, plus the prime location, and the opportunity to try beer from breweries that are not even open yet to serve beer at the brewery was a massive draw to the event. Great beer, great people and beautiful weather in Vancouver are the recipe for success. The 2016 Vancouver Craft Beer Week festivities may be a while from now, but in many ways this is the jumping off point for a summer of craft beer. As the festivals get flagged on the calendar, your weekends may fill up in a hurry chasing down the taste of BC craft beer!



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Vancouver Craft Beer Week at the PNE
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