2015 Samley Cup Homebrew Competition

Samuel Adams – Samley Cup Homebrew Challenge

2015 Samley Cup Homebrew Competition
When you think BC craft beer the first thing that comes to mind is not likely Samuel Adams. The Boston based brewery does something unique each year though that helps to stir up some creativity in the craft beer community.

2015 Vancovuer Samley Cup

Home Brew at the Samley CupThe Samley Cup is an annual affair where pubs, restaraunts and liquor stores try their hand at brewing. This is no small-stakes game though with the winner receiving a trip to the Samuel Adams brewery in Boston. In the 4th annual event the stakes were higher than ever before.

Flavours, styles, and of course quality were a rollercoaster as expected sitting on the 2015 judging panel. Along with 3 other judges we sipped our way through 13 different brews. While some of the home brews were questionable in style and intent, others showed great promise and had a nice qualities in the flavour and body. Compared to the 2014 event there was a wider range of beers but the highs were even better!

Some of the top beers for the evening came from the winning Spring Saison along with runners up, a Belgian Quad, Belgian Tripel and English Style Pale Ale. Congratulations to the winning team and have a great time in Boston! Say hi to Sam for us!

2015 Samley Cup Awards


2015 Samley Cup Awards

Home Brew at the Samley Cup


2015 Vancovuer Samley Cup

2015 Samley Cup



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