Okanagan Spring Brewery – Sonder Hefeweizen

Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefe Review


4.1 out of 5
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4 out of 5


  • Brewery: Okanagan Spring Brewery
  • Beer Style: Hefeweizen
  • Pros:

    Nice, sessionable, light Hefeweizen flavour

  • Cons:

    Rather light for a Hefeweizen

  • Conclusion:

    A light, well flavoured, well balanced, summer Hefeweizen.

Okanagan Spring Brewery – Sonder Hefeweizen Review

Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefe Review The Okanagan Spring Brewery has not released many beers in the last few years but the latest release brings brewmaster Stefan Tobler back to his Bavarian roots. The Sonder Hefeweizen is as Okanagan Springs Brewery puts it as traditional as it comes. From the 341ml bottle this beer pours as a cloudy amber colour topped with nearly three fingers of dense and lacing head. This beer actually looks really good! An aroma of clove and banana is true to the style with classic hefeweizen notes coming through strong. The flavour is light on the tongue with a fairly light body. Delicate wheat tones come through with the clove flavour adding a kick of spice. Banana flavour is apparent but does play second fiddle to the clove flavours. The Sonder Hefe is a quality Hefeweizen that is true to the style. It is not as big bodied as some crafties may be looking for but it is on-flavour, well balanced and a very sessionable summer wheat beer. The Sonder is without a doubt the best Okanagan Springs beer to be released to date!

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 341ml bottles
Price – $13.80 /6 Bottles (Private Liquor Store)



Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefe ReviewOkanagan Spring Sonder Hefe Review

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