Cannery Brewing Co. is Moving to a New Downtown Penticton Facility

Cannery Brewing's New Faciility

Cannery Brewing Co. is Moving to a New Downtown Penticton Facility

The Cannery Brewing Company has been a major aspect of BC’s brewing scene since first opening in 2001 and has been pivotal in bringing craft beer to the Okanagan. Located in Penticton BC the summer thirst of BC’s hot summers has been quenched by the labours of Cannery Brewing.

Cannery Brewing's New Faciility

Back in 2001 when the brewery opened they took over the Old Aylmer Fruit and Vegetable Cannery in Penticton BC. The location of the brewery is the source of the Cannery name. While the space offered a great location and the space to grow over the years there have been growing pains along the way. Low ceilings, inadequate drainage and a space that is now simply too small for the quantity of beer being brewed meant that something needed to happen.

Cannery's new bottling and canning room

Over the past 6 months things have taken shape and the Cannery Brewing Company is on the move. Brewery owner Patt Dyck has invested in a downtown Penticton location walking distance from the beach. Now in the process of moving equipment and preparing to brew their first beer the brewing team could not be more excited. Having been brewing in the old location for nearly 15 years the team new exactly what they wanted in planning this facility. As a fully custom setup the equipment is taking shape and room for expansion has been taken into consideration.

Cannery Brewing's Blueprints

For the first time in years the Cannery fermentors are sitting idle and dry awaiting their next brew. Set to start again at the beginning of May Cannery will be set to increase production just in time for summer. In addition to the increased space and improved amenities the tasting room will be somewhat different as well. Part of the new facility is actually an old mechanic’s garage with big bay doors. Planning for a BC lounge license there will be snacks and full pints to be enjoyed on site with the fresh air blowing through.

Construction of the new, Cannery brewery

The photos may show a work-in progress and significant work that is still to be done but the project is coming together quickly. The beer is just about brewing and the tasting lounge will follow shortly behind. If you are planning a trip through Penticton this summer keep your ears peeled for the opening date of the all new, Cannery Brewery!

The New Cannery Brewery is located at 154 Ellis Street, Penticton BC.

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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 24 April, 2015, 09:11

    Great post. Don’t forget the awful heat and poor ventilation of the old location as drawbacks also! My first time at the brewery was during a Canada Day long weekend and it was 30c+ in the brewery!

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  2. bubbles
    bubbles 19 June, 2015, 14:53

    i cant wait until it opens up take a look at

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