Okanagan Spring Launches Sonder Hefe

Okanagan Spring Rolls into Summer with the Sonder Hefe


Okanagan Spring Launches Sonder Hefe

Okanagan Spring Brewery Unveils Okanagan Spring Sonder Hefe (weizen)

Okanagan Spring Brewery  is well known for its longstanding line of beers such as the 1516 and Pale Ale that proliferate across tap lines everywhere within British Columbia. Recent additions such as the Cloudy Amber and Mild Winter Ale have diversified the lineup but didn’t effectively wow customers. In his 30th year with Okanagan Spring Brewery, brewmaster Stefan Tobler returned to his Bavarian roots to brew up the all new Sonder Hefe.

Sonder comes from the German word “besondere” which means special. Referring to the unique Bavarian yeast strain used in this brew the Sonder is a traditionally styled German Hefeweizen.

Releasing this beer to the masses as the days warm and the sun climbs higher in the sky the refreshing nature of the new beer is no accident. Notes of banana, clove and a slightly peppery spice give this beer a reasonable body and flavour while staying true to the easy drinking nature of all Okanagan Spring beers. At the launch event taking place in Vancouver’s Wicklow Pub several attendees referred to this beer as “the best Okanagan Spring’s beer yet.”

Okanagan Spring Brewmaster Stefan ToblerListening to the passion behind Stefan’s eyes as he talks about the Sonder in his German accent reinforces why this beer is a drastic improvement over past beers. This is a beer that stays true to tradition, but more importantly, plays to the passion and heritage of its creator. Stefan Tobler is a proud Bavarian and the Sonder Hef is the fruits of his labours.

The Sonder Hef is available in cans and bottles at your local liquor store or on tap at many restaurant and pub locations. Give it a try on a warm summer’s day – it is rather tasty!




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  1. sue
    sue 1 April, 2015, 18:45

    Try this to. Blonde Fulton ale is great too.

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  2. sue
    sue 2 April, 2015, 13:40

    You will forget even your name with this tasty beer and be one with nature.

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