Victoria Beer Week 2015

2015 Victoria Beer Week – Opening Cask Night Happenings

Victoria Beer Week is Back and Bigger Than Ever!

Victoria Beer Week returned in 2015 with vigor. Drawls of craft beer fanatics flocked to the opening event held at the Victoria Public Market. The start of 9 days of casks and kegs filled with local favorites and some new twists on tradition started here. When it comes to twists there is no better way to experience the creativity of BC’s brewing might than a cask festival.

Victoria Public Market - Victoria Beer Week

For the opening cask night event, 24 Vancouver Island craft breweries put on their thinking caps and brewed a twist on their standard fare. Select cideries also joined the festivities with their fruitier, but also delicious concoctions. As hundreds of thirsty connoisseurs flocked to the market, the energy remained high well through the evening event.

2015 Victoria Beer Week

With so many great options to try the lineups remained at a minimum for the most part. Moon Under Water attracted a larger than average following with their slightly profane naming techniques while Category 12 found curiosity bringing people by to try out the fruits of Victoria’s newest brewery’s labours. Regardless of brewery, as the night came to the close the casks became dry the people moved on well satisfied and ready to see the week of events through.

Victoria Beer Week Cask Festival

Victoria Beer Week is on to something special with this opening event. Great beer, fantastic food and a perfect venue add up to one very memorable event. Vancouver has been taking the craft beer spotlight from Victoria in recent years but with new breweries opening, a passionate city of beer drinkers and brewers along with events like Victoria Beer Week bring it all together. Vancouver is being given a run for its money by the small but very passionate BC capital city.
The opening cask festival at Victoria Beer Week marks the opening of 9 days of craft beer. Running March 7th to 14th, 2015 several different events each day focus on education, experience, and of course, drinking delicious, BC brewed craft beer. Whether you are new to craft or a seasoned veteran there is something that everyone can enjoy.

Victoria Beer Week

Victoria is an amazing place to visit and craft beer only makes it better. Whether you are able to make it to the Victoria Beer Week festival or need to plan a trip on your own time, it will not disappoint. Victoria has the history, passion, flavour and freshness that is moving craft beer forward and improving on a nearly daily basis. It is time to head to Victoria for some delicious hopped beverages!


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