Central City Hopping Mad Cider Launch

Central City Brewers Launches Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Cider at Surrey Brewery

Central City Hopping Mad Cider Launch

Central City Brewers Launch Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider

At their Surrey based craft brewery the Central City Brewers & Distillers launched a new alcohol venture of a very refreshing nature. The Hopping Mad Dry Hopped Apple Cider is the newest addition to the beer and spirit lineup found from Central City.

Central City Hopping Mad Cider Launch

As a rather dry apple cider, a low sweetness gives the Hopping Mad a certain sessionability. Don’t be fooled by the “hopped” name either; this in no IPA. The dry hopping process gives a light aroma of aromatic hops while leaving the crisp apple flavour to come through.

At this launch event bus-loads of people loaded in from the city to see what all the fuss was about – and the event did not disappoint.

Central City Hopping Mad Cider Launch

In addition to the Hopping Mad Cider Launch the forthcoming saison was teased for craft beer drinkers to anticipate. There is something new on its way from Central City Brewers on the beer front and it involves red peppercorns in a very sessionable package. The jury is out on when this new beer will hit the shelves but stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Central City Hopping Mad Cider Launch

It is amazing to see the craft cider scene where it is today. Only a few years ago two litre bottles lined the shelves as consumers cringed of their early days and bad cider experiences. Today we have a plethora of amazing craft options and have experienced a renaissance of sorts around the style. From dry-hopping to barrel aging, cider has matured and has risen to the sophistication where even a craft beer drinker will nod their head in approval.


Watch for the Central City Dry Hopped Apple Cider to hit retailers soon!

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