Moody Ales – Smouldering Smoked Porter

Moody Ales - Smouldering Smoked Porter Review


4.2 out of 5
3.7 out of 5
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4.2 out of 5


  • Brewery: Moody Ales
  • Beer Style: Porter, Smoked
  • Pros:

    Nice smoke flavour with a delicious chocolate and coffee note

  • Cons:

    Bigger than a typical Porter

  • Conclusion:

    A big and strong Smoked porter with strong smoke flavour and a nice balance of coffee and chocolate flavours

Moody Ales - Smouldering Smoked Porter Review Moody Ales – Smouldering Smoked Porter Review

The Crowler is catching on with Moody Ales customers. Available at the brewery in a 964ml Crowler Can the Smouldering Smoked Porter is an intriguing, strong porter with a 6.9% alcohol rating. Opening the oversize-beer can the beer pours as a very dark, off-black colour. Topped with three + fingers of head the carbonation level is exaggerated from the slightly awkward Crowler pouring spout. The thick layer of head leaves significant lacing on the glass’s sides. From this smoked porter comes a relatively strong aroma of chocolate and wood-smoke. The Smouldering Smoked Porter has a bigger than typical body for a porter but it also has a higher than typical alcohol content. The flavour is big with smoke tones filled in with coffee, chocolate and a nuttiness. The smoke is strong but not over the top and the chocolate flavour adds a slight bitter-sweetness to the mix. The Smouldering Smoked Porter is a fantastic tasting beer and is among the best smoked beers available. You need to try this beer before it is too late!

Alcohol – 6.9%
IBU – 19
Hops – Willamette, East Kent, Goldings
Size – 964ml Crowler (Can)
Price – $8.00 (Moody Ales Brewery)

Moody Ales - Smouldering Smoked Porter ReviewMoody Ales - Smouldering Smoked Porter Review

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