Powell Street Brewery – WIPA White IPA

Powell St. Brewery - White IPA Review


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Powell St. Brewery - White IPA Review Powell Street Brewery – WIPA White IPA Review

The White IPA is a style of beer that has won over the palates of BC craft beer drinkers. A citrus and light twist with big hop flavour makes this style very enjoyable with a wide variety of flavours. The Powell Street Brewery White IPA is just such a beer.  from the classy and simple, blue labelled bottle this beer pours as a rather light, golden colour topped with a finger and a half of dense and lacing head. From the Powell White IPA an aroma of citrus hop, orange peal, coriander and a Witbier-like wheat tone creates a light and fragrant beer. The aroma gives the impression of a delicious and flavourful spring or summer beer. But guess what, you get to try it earlier than that! Tasting the beer its body is quite light and fresh. A citrus and refreshing hop bitterness is apparent through the flavour profile while an orange peel citrus-bitter note builds as the taste progresses. Additionally a light wheatiness and coriander flavour start off early and fade leaving a lingering spice in the finish. The Powell Street WIPA is lighter than you may expect for an IPA but has big flavour, is very refreshing and makes a for a very refreshing pint regardless of the season.

Alcohol – 6.0%
IBU – 56
Size – 650ml
Price – $7.50 (Craft Retailer)


Powell St. Brewery - White IPA Review Powell St. Brewery - White IPA Review

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