Phillips Brewing Co. – Surly Blonde Big Belgian Triple


3.7 out of 5
3.8 out of 5
3.9 out of 5
4.1 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Brewery: Phillips Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Belgian Tripel
  • Pros:

    A fairly light and easy drinking Belgian Tripel

  • Cons:

    Not as big as you may be hoping for

  • Conclusion:

    On the light side of the style this Belgian Tripel is rather drinkable and enjoyable

Phillips Surly Blonde Tripel Review Phillips Brewing Co. – Surly Blonde Big Belgian Triple Review

If you purchased the 2014 Phillips Brewery Snowcase Craft Beer Advent Calendar you will have tried this rare Phillips brew. The Surly Blonde is a Belgian Strong Ale which comes in at a whopping 9.1% alcohol. From the 341ml bottle this dog-labeled beer is a golden-amber colour with a thick finger’s worth of head. Settling rather quickly for a Tripel this beer has an aroma of wheat and a mild Belgian yeast. The aroma is surprisingly calm and mild given the intense 9.1% rating. The Surly Blonde Ale is big bodied with a smooth and fairly creamy body. A Belgian wheat and mild yeast flavour is apparent along side a light coriander spice. The beer is actually very mild compared to what you may expect. Phillips Brewery warns on the label about a bite but that intensity never really arrives. This is definetly a big beer but not the Rottweiler that you may be anticipating

Alcohol – 9.1%
Size – 341ml (1 bottle in Snowcase – Winter 2014)
Price – $ (Only available in the Snowcase to date)


2015_01_BMBC-9112 Phillips Surly Blonde Tripel Review

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