The Innate Stainless Steel Growler – function & fashion with craft beer

The Innate Growler

The Innate Growler – Durable, Insulated & Stylish

Innate Growler Brewery FillThe term ‘growler’ is a fairly recent addition to the dialect of British Columbians. More that a few years back the word would have local Brits snickering and others simply imagining the barking dog next door. Today the word is synonymous with craft beer and many BC pantry shelves are lined with glass growlers awaiting their next fill at the local brewery.

In all the excitement around brewery fresh beer a number of growler-esque products have emerged improving the limited functionality of the (newly) traditional glass growler. One such leap in beer-transport technology is the Innate Stainless Steel Craft Growler. A shift from glass to an insulated-steel package offers a number of benefits beyond looking stylish walking down main street.

The Innate Growler offers insulation which keeps beer cold longer. After hours sitting out at room temperature the precious cargo is left cold and ready for consumption. This fact alone makes is great for hiking, skiing or any other outdoor adventure. Also, the stainless steel design is impact resistant and lacks the danger of a breaking a glass growler in the outdoors. The third benefit comes in the form of beer quality. While glass is debatedly the best material for preserving the brewery-fresh taste of beer in a growler, traditional glass bottles suffer by the design of their lids and potential air-leakage. The Innate growler features a flip top, heavy duty rubber seal to keep carbonation long after filling.

The inert nature of glass will have the least impact on the flavour of beer in the short term (light is not an issue here) but the Innate Growler’s food grade stainless steel design seems to no no adverse affects. Compared to standard glass growlers the taste is consistent through testing. Plus, carbon dioxide retention is significantly improved over a glass growler resulting from the superior lid design.

Holding the Innate Growler by the two finger handle
The only complaints in testing came from breweries themselves. There are a few disadvantages in this innovative design. Most breweries either use a sealed growler filling station or an extended tap system. The Innate Growler will not fit in some growler filling stations due to its shortened height and over-sized opening. Because of this fact it must be filled direct from the tap. Whether a brewery uses a standard or extended tap design the stainless steel structure also limits visibility when filling. The filler must peer down into the container through the top in order to judge the fill-level of contents.

Looking into the Innate Growler while fillingThese disadvantages are by no means a deal breaker. Never once has filling been impossible and the beer has always remained fresh and carbonated prior to drinking. While an oxygen purged glass growler may last up to 90 days before opening it is recommended that you consumer the contents of the Innate Growler within 2 weeks – if you can wait that long…

Carrying the Innate Growler

The Innate Growler is a fantastic product from a local, Vancouver based company. The two-finger handle is easy to hold on to and the screw top gives an excellent seal. Whether you are hiking, skiing, camping or heading to the beach this is a great product that will keep your beer cold and safe before it is time for a drink. The 32oz/.95 litre version of the Innate growler was tested here but if a 64oz/1.9l is more your size do not fret – that is available as well. For more information on the Innate Growler visit

  Innate Growler – Hightlights & Specifications

  • Double wall vacuum insulated construction for maintaining beer at optimal serving temperature.
  • Unique two fingered carry or pour handle with integrated lid and a cam bump. Cam bump locks lid in place to prevent it from flipping forward when pouring or drinking.
  • Airtight insulated lid with stainless steel insert to avoid taste pickup.
  • Premium 304, 18/8 food-grade stainless steel body.
  • Comes in a 1.9L [64fl oz] or a 1L [32fl oz] size.
 Craft Growler 32oz:
  • height: 17cm [6.7″] – base diameter: 12.5cm [4.8″]
  • 0.95L [32fl oz] weight: 630g [22oz]
Craft Growler 64oz:
  • height: 34cm [13.4″] base diameter: 12.5cm [4.8″]
  • capacity: 1.9L [64fl oz] weight: 850g [30oz]

Holding the Innate Growler by the two finger handle Walking with the Innate Growler The Innate Growler Carrying the Innate Growler Looking into the Innate Growler while filling Filling the Innate Stainless Steel Growler Innate Growler Brewery Fill

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