Left Field Cider Co. – 2013 Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider

Left Field Cider Co. - Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider Review


3.8 out of 5
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3.8 out of 5


  • Brewery: Left Field Cider Co.
  • Beer Style: Cider
  • Pros:

    Nice bodied cider with a bit more to it than you may expect

  • Cons:

    The Bourbon tones were expected to be bigger

  • Conclusion:

    A very nice, premium cider with more to it than just apples

Left Field Cider Co. - Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider ReviewLeft Field Cider Co – Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider Review

Bottled in Maette Lake British Columbia, the Left Field Cider Company has released their Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider. Brewed in 2013 in batch no. 002 this limited edition Cidermaster’s Select series cider is a gem. From the 750ml bottle the Cider pours a very light, yellow colour and actually has some residual head indicating some protein content. Settling fairly quickly a single finger of head stays atop the cider for a brief moment. The smell is big with apples in a fairly sweet package. A light oakiness also comes into the nose but not one that is strong of Bourbon tones. The taste is crisp, bubbly and fairly sweet and again a slight oakiness gives a big more body to the cider than is typical. Cider fans may be scared off by the Bourbon Barrel name but that aspect is quite light and simply adds body in an oaky-earthy manner and helps to cut sweetness from the apples. This cider is something special and while it may be hard to find it is worth seeking and giving it a try!

Alcohol – 7.8%
Size – 750ml
Price – $13.90 (Craft Retailer)


Left Field Cider Co. - Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider Review Left Field Cider Co. - Bourbon Barrel Apple Cider Review

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