Black Kettle Brewing Co. – Scottish Ale

Black Kettle Brewing Co. Scottish Ale Review Pour


4.2 out of 5
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4 out of 5
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3.8 out of 5


3.9 out of 5


  • Brewery: Black Kettle Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Scottish Ale
  • Pros:

    Delicious and complex Scottish Ale

  • Cons:

    Slightly undercarbonated

  • Conclusion:

    Very nice scottish ale with delicious toffee tones and a bitter-sweet finish

Black Kettle Brewing Co. Scottish Ale Review BottleBlack Kettle Brewing Co. – Limited Release Scottish Ale Review

Black Kettle Brewing Company is a small microbrewery in North Vancouver and in addition to their staple lineup of beers they have put out a limited release Scottish Ale. This beer appears a deep amber colour and is topped with a very thin finger of head which is finely packed and settles rather quickly. From this head comes a rich toffee aroma with a vanilla like smoothness. The smell is strong and sweet but enticing with its rich and roasted nose. This Scottish Ale has a relatively mild body to it but the flavour starts off roasty and sweet before a vanilla smoothness takes over in the mid section. In the end notes a roasted malt flavour emerges with a slight burnt toffee flavour to give a bitter-sweet and rather enjoyable finish. Overall this beer takes you on a ride with a number of defined flavours each making themselves known one by one. Once you complete this flavour journey you are left reaching for more as it is a very delicious beer.

Alcohol – 5.4%
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.75 (Craft Retailer) 


Black Kettle Brewing Co. Scottish Ale Review Pour Black Kettle Brewing Co. Scottish Ale Review Beer

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