Red Truck Beer Co. – ’46 Porter Limited 650

Red Truck Beer Co. - '46 Porter Review pour


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  • Brewery: Red Truck Beer Co.
  • Beer Style: Porter
  • Pros:

    Nice toasted malt and chocolate flavour with a touch of burnt tone in the finish

  • Cons:

    Heavy for a porter

  • Conclusion:

    Delicious and complex, big bodied porter.

Red Truck Beer Co. - '46 Porter Review Bottle Red Truck Beer – ’46 Porter Review

Red Truck Beer has bottled their limited edition ’46 Porter after winning a Canadian Brewing Awards Silver Medal for this brew. In a 650ml bomber bottle this beer pours as a deep brown colour a smidgen of light sneaks through in a reddish-brown hue. Topped with a thick finger’s worth of lightly lacing head the ’46 porter smells dark with toasted malts and a light cocoa-chocolate aroma. The body of this beer is nice, bigger than a typical porter but lighter than anything resembling a stout this has a bit more to it than you may expect. The flavour is complex with a nice bitter-sweet chocolate flavour along side the toasted malts, light caramel and an slightly burnt/smoke flavour on the finish.This is a big-bodied porter that is complex, delicious and definetly deserves its Canadian Brewing Award accolade.


Alcohol – 6.6%
IBU – 35
Size – 650ml
Price – $7.50 (Cold Beer and Wine)


Red Truck Beer Co. - '46 Porter Review pour Red Truck Beer Co. - '46 Porter Review beer


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  1. John
    John 13 November, 2015, 18:14

    Red truck porter sucks. Way way to fizzy. Took half an hour to pour It into a glass. It foams up way to much. Two thumbs down for this one. Will not by again or recommend to anyone.

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