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This Sandwich, That Beer Throws Down in the Name of Craft

Unsung Heros Of BC Craft Beer – This Sandwich, That Beer – Kevin Wood

This Sandwich, That Beer (TSTB)The Craft beer industry is a composition of enthusiasts, eccentrics and extremely passionate people. This is true with brewers, sales people, event staff and the often neglected Beer Blogger. Each deserves their own individual commendation but the beer blogger does it for a different reason. This is not for fame or glory, this is not for wealth or riches. The Beer Blogger supports craft beer because of their passion for the industry, for the product and to see the smile on a macro-drinker’s face when they first discover the revelation that is Craft Beer!

This Sandwich, That Beer (TSTB)Kevin Wood is one part Beer Blogger, one part event manager and one part sandwich fanatic and his passion project is This Sandwich, That Beer. Kevin is not only an adept craft beer connoisseur but also a bit of a foodee and a marketer on the side. Blending these passions together results in something called the This Sandwich, That Beer Throwdown. This is where digital becomes real life and Kevin along with event partner Stephanie Frigon, pair BC’s best breweries with Vancouver’s top eateries to work together and make the ultimate sandwich-beer combination. Hosting this Throwdown as an event attendees vote on not the best beer or sandwich but rather the dynamic duo which compliments, enhances and satisfies the best together.
This Sandwich, That Beer (TSTB)This Sandwich, That Beer (TSTB)Three Throwdown events have taken place over the past two years hosting more than 500 attendees. This has involved 17 different restaurants, 22 breweries and has raised nearly $10,000 towards BC charities in the process. You may think, I need to attend the next event; well, get in line because the December 7th event sold out in little over two hours and people are already lining up like it’s Black Friday for Throwdown #5.


Whether you have heard the name Kevin Wood or not it is undeniable that he has made a great impact on not only the craft beer scene in  Vancouver but also affected and educated the restaurant community about craft beer. One of the most sought after events in BC is the This Sandwich, That Beer Throwdown so keep an eye on in order to get tickets to the next sure-to-be sold out events in Vancouver!


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