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The Best Vancouver Craft Breweries as seen through Vancouver Brewery Tours

The Vancouver craft Beer Scene has exploded in recent years and determining what are the best BC craft breweries is no easy task. Vancouver Brewery Tours is here to help though as not only have they narrowed down the field but also offer you the opportunity to decide for yourself with a tour of the top pics.

Approximately one year ago Beer Me BC attended a tour to see what all the fuss was about in Vancovuer Brewery Tours and on that trip we visited three of Vancouver’s top breweries. Over the duration of the past year a lot has happened and while most of these breweries remain on the tour itinerary the list of breweries has broadened. For round two with this trending Vancouver tour company three new breweries would be on the list.

2014_10_BMBC-7138The first stop for the tour marked an inaugural moment for Vancouver Brewery Tours. This was the first tour to stop at the iconic Brassneck Brewery. As Nigel Springthorpe and Conrad Gmoser’s brainchild this brewery marks some of the most exciting beer to be brewed not only within BC but Vancouver as a whole. The hardest part about heading to Brassneck is getting in the doors as the word is out and Vancouver loves this brewery. As the first stop and an early afternoon visit the line had not yet formed and this tour of 6 individuals was guided through the intimate brewhouse for a personalized look at this gem of a location. Beyond a tour a flight of beer was in order for a sampling of beer recently acclaimed at the BC Beer Awards.

Brassneck Brewery Tasting Room
As the innaugural visit to this brewery future attendees will not be dissappointed. There is a reason that this relatively new brewery has seen a quick rise to BC’s brewing elite and this stop alone adds great clout to the roster of breweries visited on tour. Brassneck Brewery did not and will not disappoint anyone with a thirst for BC Craft Beer!
Vancouver Brewery Tours - Bomber Brewing

As amazing as stop #1 was this was not all Vancouver Brewery Tours had in store for the day. Stop 2 entailed the East Vancouver based Bomber Brewery. Bomber has made quite the splash since opening with some fantastic beer being brewed along one of Vancouver’s prominent cycling roots. On tap for the day was the newly brewed Pumpkin Ale along with an ESB, IPA and a stout. As expected there were no disappointments here and the tour’s preference for hoppy beers made this stop a big hit. Bomber offers the diversity and complexity of BC’s best breweries with the flavour of a much more tenured company. If you have not yet stopped in at Bomber Brewing you are missing out on another great brewery in East Vancouver.
Vancouver Brewery Tours - Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers

2014_10_BMBC-7299The third stop on tour was none other than Deep Cove Brewers & Distillers. Taking a quick jump over the Second Narrows Bridge and onto Vancouver’s North Shore here was the only Brewery/Distillery on route for the Day. Deep Cove opened their doors a little over a year ago and since then has won over the North Vancouver crowd with their Pale Ale, Lager, Stout and both a Summer and Winter Tea Saison. This brewery exudes passion for what they do and the results come out with dividends. In addition to the delicious line of craft beer Vancouver Brewery Tours attendees were also offered a sampling of the Olivia, a Rosemary and Olive infused Gin which is perfect for your next dinner party.

Vancouver Brewery Tours Group Photo
From Brassneck to Bomber and on to Deep Cove there is one thing that stands out and that is the fact that there is actually no one thing that ensures success in the craft beer industry. Each of these three breweries share one thing and that is their passion for brewing unique and delicious beer. Beyond that fact each brewery has their own ideas, their own perceptions and creates a very unique product. There is no way to have a favourite craft brewery in Vancouver as they each offer a unique, premium experience. You will just need to visit them all to believe it for yourself!

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