Central City And Parallel 49 Brewing Teams

Mystery Gift Craft Beer Advent Calendar Launch at Craft Beer Market

Central City And Parallel 49 Brewing Teams2014 marks the year when something fantastic happened. In an industry of comradery two of British Columbia’s top breweries came together to release a product that the child in all of us can very much appreciate – The Craft Beer Advent Calendar. From Parallel 49 Brewery and Central City Brewers & Distillers comes the Mystery Countdown Craft Beer Advent Calendar.

Mystery Countdown Craft Beer Advent Calendar

To commemorate this amazing feat of brewing 24 unique, craft beers to satisfy the holiday thirsts in preparation for the holidays these two breweries brought together media, retailers and friends to Vancouver’s Craft Beer Market to sample two of the brews we will be counting down with soon. These two particular beers are the collaborative efforts of both breweries. Coming together in the name of Christmas two of the 24 options were brewed specifically for this project and have never before seen the light of day.

Parallel 49 and Central City Collaboration Beers

The first collaborative brew is a Porter inspired by the flavour of Black Forest Cake. With a chocolate-cherry nose and the body to match this is a desert beer that is unique and nails the flavour. The sweet, maraschino cherry and creamy chocolate flavours meld with a mid-bodied porter for a delicious beer ready to be enjoyed fireside. This beer is called the Schwarzwald Porter. The second collaborative brew uses rum soaked raisins in a Belgian Dubel style beer making for a lightly sweetened, rich beer with big dried fruit tones and a big body. This beer is dubbed as the Dubbel Trouble Belgian. These two beers may have been let out of the bag (or box) before December hits but we don’t know when exactly they will show up in the countdown. Regardless, you are in for a surprise with big and unique flavours each day as you countdown to Santa bringing packages of craft beer to fill your stocking.

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