2014 BC Beer Awards Photo Recap

The 2014 BC Beer Awards went off without a hitch and top BC breweries took home the hardware. At this year’s event People’s Choice went to Four Winds Brewing and the Best in Show was awarded to the newly opened Yellow Dog Brewing Company for their Smoked Brown Porter. For the full list of winners from the 2014 BC Beer Awards please check out this article.

The night consisted of more than 200 beers being sampled from the majority of BC’s craft breweries. Coming from as far as Valemount BC for the festivities this was the biggest event to date. If you were unable to attend the event please have a look at these photos. You will not want to miss out again!


2014_10_BMBC-7119 2014_10_BMBC-7117 2014_10_BMBC-7108 2014_10_BMBC-7106 2014_10_BMBC-7103 2014_10_BMBC-7101 2014_10_BMBC-7089 2014_10_BMBC-7081 2014_10_BMBC-7068 2014_10_BMBC-7053 2014_10_BMBC-7049 2014_10_BMBC-7022 2014_10_BMBC-7014 2014_10_BMBC-6994 2014_10_BMBC-6991 2014_10_BMBC-6988 2014_10_BMBC-6983 2014_10_BMBC-6980 2014_10_BMBC-6977 2014_10_BMBC-6970 2014_10_BMBC-6968 2014_10_BMBC-6967 2014_10_BMBC-6964 2014_10_BMBC-6962 2014_10_BMBC-6956 2014_10_BMBC-6951 2014_10_BMBC-6947 2014_10_BMBC-6944 2014_10_BMBC-6929 2014_10_BMBC-6913 2014_10_BMBC-6902 2014_10_BMBC-6893 2014_10_BMBC-6888 2014_10_BMBC-6882 2014_10_BMBC-6880 2014_10_BMBC-6873 2014_10_BMBC-6869 2014_10_BMBC-6862 2014_10_BMBC-6857 2014_10_BMBC-6848 2014_10_BMBC-6843 2014_10_BMBC-6842 2014 BC Beer Awards 2014_10_BMBC-6821 2014_10_BMBC-6810 2014_10_BMBC-6792 2014_10_BMBC-6787 2014_10_BMBC-6779 2014_10_BMBC-6776 2014_10_BMBC-6764 2014_10_BMBC-6757 2014_10_BMBC-6754 2014_10_BMBC-6753 2014_10_BMBC-6751 2014_10_BMBC-6747 2014_10_BMBC-6744 2014_10_BMBC-6741 2014_10_BMBC-6738 2014_10_BMBC-6735 2014_10_BMBC-6727

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