Central City Seraph Launch at Guilt & Co.

Seraph Vodka and Gin From Central City Launched at Guilt & Co.

Central City Brewers & Distillers Seraph Gin &  VodkaIn the building of Central City Brewers new location in Surrey, BC the team took on a whole new challange with the integration of three stills into their stacked hand of equipment. Tacking “& Distillers” onto the back end of their name the goal was to integrate a line of craft spirits with the award winning line of beers. Under the name Seraph this new venture hit a wall of red tape in bringing the product to market but that day has passed and the Seraph Gin and Vodkas are now arriving at select liquor stors.

Central City Seraph Launch at Guilt & Co.

A Seraph is a biblical term for the caretaker of God’s throne and translates as “Burning One”. One thing is for sure though, the flavour is smooth and rather than burning the Vodka and Gin have give more of a smooth, warming sensation as you sip them. Distilled using 100% malted barley both of these premium spirits are single malted and using a delicate distillation process you will notice a touch of sweetness to the rather smooth and delicate flavours. While Gin and Vodka are most often a spirit of choice for cocktails either of these can easily be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Central City Seraph Launch at Guilt & Co.

To launch the Seraph brand in BC, Central City teamed up with Gastown’s Guilt & Co. to show off the versatility and smooth nature of the spirits. At this event two standard cocktails were poured for all but more importantly local mixology experts were put to the test in a contest to highlight the Seraph drinkability in a creative and delicious mix. There is no sense in masking the flavour of a premium product so martinis were a hit with the judges and the flavour of the Seraph spirits shone through inspiring all those in attendance to put on their mixology hats and try something of their own.

Central City Seraph Launch at Guilt & Co.

Watch for the Seraph Gin and Vodka products to be arriving shortly at your local liquor store. If you are unable to find these delicious and local craft spirits head to Surrey BC to retrieve a bottle from the source!



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