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2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2780The Tree Brewing Company calls the City of Kelowna home and this summer destination loves beer. This fact may be true but it is not exclusive to this area as what started with local success has grown this craft brewery from its British Columbia roots to be distributed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and in the Yukon. Canadians spanning our massive country can enjoy Tree beer nearly everywhere.


This growth and distribution network did not happen over night though. Since opening up in 1996 the Tree Brewing team has worked tirelessly to create locally inspired, sessionable and diverse beers to satisfy their own thirst along with that of millions of other Canadians. What is truly remarkable here is that not only is the beer delicious and continuously evolving but there are key beers that have remained unchanged for more than a decade. Sipping on a Kelowna Pilsner or a Thirsty Beaver today will be rather reminiscent of a decade ago when the beers were par for the course. Even more impressive though is that these beers are by no means dated and remain sessionable summer favourites for beer fans far and wide.


In order to satisfy the demand of five provinces and a territory the Tree Brewery uses a 25 hectolitre brewhouse with massive 100 hectolitre tanks running from wall to wall towering above. This brewhouse may not be the biggest in the province but it is in the top 10 percent and is nothing less than impressive. From the brewhouse to the fermentors, the canning line and the tasting room this facility is massive in scale but remains a family and engages with the local community intimately like a business of much smaller scale.


In the spirit of community involvement Tree Brewing takes local education very seriously. The tasting room experience has always been about education and getting more people into the world of Craft Beer. Taking this concept a few steps further Tree Brewing has just opened a second, smaller brewery in Kelowna which it calls the Beer Institute. At this secondary location small experimentals and unique food pairings will take place in a lounge environment focused on beer education. A unique concept to British Columbia designed around building awareness and knowledge in everything craft beer. Whether you are a Cicerone or new to beer: there is something for you from Tree Beer and the Beer Institute.2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-2766

From longstanding favourites such as the Cutthroat West Coast Ale and the Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale to new and unique brews such as the Jumpin Jack India Session Ale and the Redwood Barrel Aged Ale Tree has something to satisfy the palate of pretty much anyone. Whether you are passing through Kelowna or at a liquor store pretty much anywhere in Canada keep an eye out for a Tree Beer brew to satisfy your thirst!


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    Terry 15 October, 2014, 08:20

    I wish their beer was better, they are kind of the Granville Island Brewery (Molson brewed stuff anyway) of the Okanagan.

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