Oktoberfest in East Vancouver – Bomber Brewing Says Cheers to the Neighbourhood

Oktoberfest is something that we all dream about and a select few will make the trek to Munich, Germany to experience all that beer can be. For those of us that have not been to the land where rivers run thick with beer, there are local celebrations which give a taste of paradise. East Vancouver’s Bomber Brewing put on just such an occasion in their own backyard to celebrate Oktoberfest.


Tickets were sold in advance where each attendee was given 6 tickets good enough for filling their stein a couple times and having some bratwurst and Saurkraut from the old Barbekeg (see photo below). When ready to call it a day, each attendee took home their own Bomber, Oktoberfest stein home to having a lasting memory of the occasion.

This may not be on the same scale as in Munich but when you gather a group of craft beer drinkers, give them an opportunity to wear costumes and bring it all together with an afternoon BBQ – something amazing is sure to happen. This is not about Vancouver coming together to drink beer, this is about friends and family joining together to celebrate where we are and the love that is everywhere around us. This is craft beer!

If you missed this event and have an inkling to experience beer the German way, pick up a few bottles of the Bomber Brewing Munchen Lager and pull up your knickers. October is the month to experience beer the Oktoberfest way!

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