Invermere British Columbia’s Craft Beer Choice is Arrowhead Brewing

In the reaches of British Columbia’s beautiful backyard is the small town of Invermere BC. Here, on the western border of the Rocky Mountains is a brewery satisfying the thirst of locals and tourists alike.


A husband and wife couple started this brewery back in 2013 and the taps have been filling growlers non-stop ever since. As you enter this establishment the first thing that you may notice is the sheer amount of promotional goods which are available to purchase. Spending a few minutes walking around the room you may just find yourself wearing a full Arrowhead Brewing outfit head-to-toe and be tempted to pick up a snowboard, some preserves, a wallet, calendar and possibly some glassware. The list goes on but you’ll just have to check it out and see what suits your fancy.


On the beer front you will be pleased to find that Arrowhead Brewing was one of the first BC breweries to obtain a lounge licence so not only can you enjoy more than 12oz of beer on premises but you may also order a selection of food items to add to the whole brewery experience. When you make it to the beer you will find as many as 7 different beers on tap ranging from a light and sessionable blonde to a dark and delicious stout. Given the location of Arrowhead, the beers to tend to the sessionable side of things as this neck of the woods is relatively young to craft beer and the summer heat begs for a refreshing summer brew.


Styled after a classic 1950’s gas station you are in for an eclectic treat when you pull in to the Arrowhead Brewing Company. A classic and rustic look adds great character to the facility and ads a little something extra to the experience while enjoying some delicious, locally brewed craft beer. If you find yourself in the area and happen to stop in you may find that you are not alone. Spending any amount of time at the brewery the line may stretch out the front door when the weather is feeling thirsty. Locals and tourists alike have taken to the elixirs of Invermere’s Arrowhead Brewing but any wait that you may have will only make the beer more refreshing. This is a distant gem of BC craft beer so when you find yourself skirting the edge of the rocky mountains this is a worthy detour to make your journey all the more delicious!

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