Heading Up The Yellowhead To The Three Ranges Brewery

There is a place along the drive from Vancouver to Edmonton that you may have passed through at some point. Perhaps you stopped in for dinner or even stayed the night? One thing that you could not do until relatively recently was get quality, locally brewed craft beer. In the late months of 2013 the Three Ranges Brewing Company opened their doors and tipped their tap handles downwards in Valemount BC.


Classified as a nano-brewery the capacity is extremely limited for the draft lines and 355ml cans distributed within a 150km circle around Valemount. A limited capacity means that the beer is exclusive but it is also possible to experiment and brew new, unique options on a regular basis. Stepping into the tasting room you will find a total of six different beers to sample with three also available in cans.


2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-1953With a new patio being opened and seating inside to meet the rush it is no surprise that three ranges is a popular hangout for locals. Not only can you taste the range of beer options while you are visiting but deli-boards have also been introduced where you can sample a selection of meats and cheeses along side your flight of beer samples.

The beer pouring from Three Ranges starts with their Pilsner. As the local favourite this beer is the toughest to keep available with long brew times and lineups out the door. Moving down the paddle board of samples you will likely find an amber ale, pale ale, red ale, brown ale and an IPA or at least something along these lines. Each beer has its own unique flavour profile and adds something unique to not only Three Ranges offerings but also the palate of beers available in BC. Plus, if you fill your growler with the Sacrifice Red Ale, 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a rotating veteran charity. That is something you can feel good about drinking to.


2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-1929Brewmaster and owner Michael Lewis has poured his heart into this brewery and it is paying off with dividends. The days may be long but the beer is delicious. As locals flock to the patio and road-trippers stop in as they pass through town the sales are growing and pubs in surrounding communities are picking up the product for their tap lines. This beer is still very exclusive but definitely worth travelling for. Three Ranges is onto something fantastic in Valemount and for now, unless you make a bit of an effort you will likely miss out.

On your next trip north, be sure to plan a stop in Valemount to visit the Three Ranges Brewing Company. Tell them Beer Me BC sent you!

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