Craft Beer in Quesnel with the Barkerville Brewing Company

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-1843Gold Rushing to Quesnel for Barkerville Beer!

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-1805The Barkerville Brewing Company is looking to help bring craft beer to the North of British Columbia through their brewery in Quesnel BC. The drive to spread the love for craft does not stop there though. In addition to the growth in smaller, traditionally non-craft communities, Barkerville beer is now arriving at retailers in hotspots like Vancouver and Victoria.

Basing its marketing on the well known figure Billy Barker and the gold rush history of the neighbouring town Barkerville, the local tribute spans from the building decor to the bottle labels and beyond. From the beer names to the bottle graphics, a focus on tradition and history makes up a great base to what will surely be widely known quite soon!

Opening back in February of 2014 this brewery may still be new to the scene but the growth is coming quick. In a relatively large building for the brewery’s size Quesnel offers a solid base community and lower costs of business making the business feasible. As you enter through the front doors you are greeted with a small tasting area and a display of the many promotional items they have for sale on site.

From the depths of this craft brewery comes an initial offering of four bottled options. The beer lineup consists of the 18 Karat Golden Ale, Prospector’s Peril Blonde Ale, Hound of Barkerville Brown Ale and the Wandering Camel IPA. Most recently the seasonal Birch Syrup Stout was released further compounding the Northern location and tribute to local ingredients.

2014_07_BCBEERTRIP-1779Being situated in the reaches of Quesnel has its challenges but Barkerville will prevail. Distribution has taken off and the beer is currently being picked up in new locations nearly daily. Even the local industry is taking off with both of Quesnel’s local food trucks taking the opportunity to park out front and serve their mobile delicacies with the local craft beer customers. This is a small town but through an engaged and informed community critical mass comes in at a smaller population then you may guess. Beer brings a community together and Barkerville Brewing is facilitating this process!

If you have been considering a trip north into the centre of BC consider stopping in for a tasting at Quesnel’s Barkerville Brewing Company. If you are not going to make the trip be sure to keep a keen eye for the Barkerville painted bottles at your local liquor store.


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