Tree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple Cider

Tree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple Cider


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3.5 out of 5


  • Brewery: Tree Brewing Co.
  • Beer Style: Cider
  • Pros:

    Relatively low sweetness for a cider

  • Cons:

    Not craft beer

  • Conclusion:

    Low sweetness, enjoyable Apple Cider


Tree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple CiderTree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple Cider Review

From Kelowna’s Tree Brewing Company comes a BC Craft Beer offshoot in the form of Dukes Apple Cider. Brewed with 7 different types of Okanagan apples this is on the lighter side of craft and will surely play to the heartstrings of cider lovers and gluten conscious connoisseurs. From the 355ml can the Dukes Apple Cider pours a crisp and clear golden colour with a finger of head which settles very quickly like a can of pop would. From the clean topped glass this smells strongly of apple juice, a touch of caramel and a slight booze-like scent. The aroma is not boozy but it is also clearly not apple juice. The flavour starts off with an initial hit of apple then builds with the carbonation into a lightly sweetened caramel-apple tone. The finish is dry with a light apple-juice flavour left on the tongue in a refreshing and enjoyable flavour. The Dukes Apple Cider is low on the sweetness scale for a cider and has some great flavour to it. As an alternative to beer for a hot summer’s day this is an excellent choice.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Size – 6 x 355ml cans
Price – $11.90 per 6 pack (Private Liquor Store)

Tree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple CiderTree Brewing Co. – Dukes Dry Apple Cider

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