Townsite Brewing Inc. – 7800 Saison

Townsite Brewing Inc. – 7800 Saison Review


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Townsite Brewing Inc. – 7800 Saison Review

Townsite Brewing Inc. – 7800 Saison

Townsite Brewing loves their Belgian styled beers and we love them for that. The 7800 Saison is a Belgian Style Saison which pours from the bottle a crisp and clear golden colour topped with two fingers of fine head which disperses without a trace. The aroma is of belgian yeast tones, wheat and malt. The scent forecasts a big saison with the alcohol content to match. The flavour kicks off much like the scent with notes of belgian yeast, wheat, light coriander and a mild sweetness. The 7800 saison is not boozy but the alcohol content is rather apparent at 6.5% resembling the body of a bigger triple style brew. This is a delicious and flavourful saison with a Belgian twist which we have come to love from the brewing team at Townsite Brewing out of Powell River BC. Get this one before it is gone as it surely will not last long!

Alcohol – 6.5%
IBU – 28
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.50 (Private Liquor Store)

7800 Saison: noun. 1. the distance as the cuckoo flies between our brewer’s hometown and Powel River. 2. a delicious Belgian style saison


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