Parallel 49 Brewing Co. – Wild Ride 2nd Anniversary Belgian Strong Pilsner

Parallel 49 Wild Ride 2nd Anniversary Ale Review


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Parallel 49 Wild Ride 2nd Anniversary Ale ReviewOn the one hand it seems like only yesterday that Parallel 49 Brewing opened their doors. On the other hand though, so much has happened over the past 24 months that it seems odd being that the Parallel 49 Brewing company is only 2 years old. To celebrate their 2nd birthday Parallel 49 has released the Wild Ride, a Belgian Strong Pilsner coming in at a strong 9.0% alcohol content. This beer as a unique style pours a clear golden colour with a thick, two fingers of head which leaves light lacing on the glass. From this beer comes a strong Belgian aroma with a bit of a funky, yeasty tone to it. Verging on the tones that come from a sour ale this beer also has a light Pilsner malted note to it and a mild German hop to the nose. The flavour is rather yeasty with a light creaminess to it. Despite being 9% the beer is not really boozy but does come across with the yeast characteristics of a Belgian sour without the sourness. Notes of pair, grapes and a syrupy sweetness come into play with a big body. The Pisner malt is there but with such uniqueness and complexity it is difficult to pick out. If you hadn’t guessed by now the funky, yeastiness comes from Brettanomyces and also inspires the ‘wild’ aspect of the name. The Wild Ride is a unique and different beer that may not fit the palate of each and every craft beer drinker but it is a unique twist on the Pilsner, Belgian styles and the use of Brettanomyces.

Happy 2nd Birthday Parallel 49 Brewing Co.!

Alcohol – 9%
Size – 650ml
IBU – 27
Price – $7.50 (Craft Retailers)
This is a seasonal beer (June 2014 Release) (not on website)

Parallel 49 Wild Ride 2nd Anniversary Ale Review Parallel 49 Wild Ride 2nd Anniversary Ale Review

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