Cannery Brewing Company – Pentiction’s Longstanding Choice for BC Craft Beer

Cannery Brewing Tasting RoomCannery Brewing has been supplying the okanagan and the rest of British Columbia with locally inspired craft beer since 2001. Brewing in the original 20 Hectalitre brewhouse made by Newlands the centre of operations has not changed since day one. That is not to say that things have not evolved though. Tanks line the walls of this relatively large brewing space with a capacity that many smaller breweries would envy.


If you survey the streets of Pentiction regarding each person’s favourite beer chances are that the answer will be a resounding Naramata Nut Brown. The local community has truly embraced the locally inspired beer and community focus to craft beer which Cannery puts before all else. Through a combination of local ingredients and community support the flavour and spirit of the Okanagan runs deep in everything Cannery Brewing does.


The core philosophies for Cannery have stayed true over the past 13 years of brewing but the product has evolved greatly. Core brands such as the Naramata Nut Brown are still very popular and the recipes have changed through the years but new inspired brews such as the Baltic Porter and Skaha Summer Ale represent the new life of a classic BC brewery. These new beers take the same focus on tradition and appeasing the Okanagan Craft Beer drinker but incorporate the broadened palate of a more educated consumer and the creativity that comes with a booming industry.


Next up from Cannery is a summer seasonal ale which will be hitting the shelves of BC Craft Beer retailers in a  matter of days is the all new Red Saison. As a part of the new Artisan Creation Series this follows the award winning Baltic Porter as the second release. Focusing on colour and flavour while recognizing the aspects of Cannery’s traditions which have led to success this beer is a beautiful and flavourful brew. The new releases from this classic but rising brewery are a cut above what history tells. Cannery’s focus on innovation, creativity and locally inspired flavour is a unique selling proposition that no one has been able to match.


Cannery Brewing has become a staple among the shelves of BC craft beer retailers. From the year round options to seasonal offerings consumers are flocking to load up before it sells out. Not only has Cannery been brewing great beer for 13 years, they have recently upped their game and are rising among the best in BC.

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