Bad Tatto Brewing Company - Penticton BC

Bad Tattoo Brewing is Quietly Opening their Penticton BC, Craft Beer Doors

Penticton BC’s Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

Penticton British Columbia is set to see it’s fourth brewery open. In a small town of 30,000 people, Penticton has seen a great embrace from within its town limits around craft beer. Additionally the province-wide craft beer boom along side a strong wine industry is drawing tourists to experience craft as a whole. here, wine and beer can work along side to create a draw around artisanal beer, wine and spirits.

The Bad Tattoo Brewing Company will be opening their doors in a soft-launch fashion very soon with two beers pouring on opening day. To kick things off, an Golden ale and an IPA will be available followed shortly by a dark lager and stout in the weeks following.

Bad Tattoo Brewing Co.

Brewed from a 20 hectalitre brewhouse with an impressive line of tank space to match the equipment was sourced locally from Summerland’s Ripley Stainless. A relatively modest start in terms of size the Bad Tattoo Brewing Company has plenty of room to grow as the Okanagan craft beer scene grows even further. If the 80T grain silo outside is any indication of ambition this brewery has their eyes fixed on the stars.

Bad Tattoo Brewing Brewhouse

Unique to BC breweries the Bad Tattoo Brewing Company actually uses a food primary liquor license. With a Pizza oven on site and a menu that is currently being deviloped quality food will also be a priority here. An open concept dining room and large patio will seat around 50 people with a growler filling and sales area close by. Also a stones throw away is the iconic beachfront of Penticton. A short stroll from a day at the beach will land craft beer fans on the patio of Penticton BC’s newest food and beer destination.


If you are not seeing a trip through Pentiction in your near future the bottling line is just warming up. In addition to standard 650ml bottles you will also find 355ml aluminum bottles being sold in 6-packs. This relatively new packaging style will give Bad Tattoo a unique look on the shelves of BC craft beer retainers but also provide a very stable and consistent packaged product.

Bad Tattoo Brewing will be quietly opening their doors around the middle of July. No defined date is in place right now but following the 10th you may just want to swing by and have a look for yourself! Chances are that the beer will be pouring!

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