Central City Brewers Red Racer – Belgian Style Wheat Ale

Red Racer Wheat Ale Review


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Red Racer Beer – Belgian Style Wheat Ale Review

Red Racer Wheat Ale Review
The Central City Brewing Company’s Red Racer is a staple brand for many BC Craft Beer drinkers. Consistent high quality, widely available beer has separated this rather larger brewery from the back of emerging, smaller breweries. With this prowess comes great expectation and the Red Racer Belgian-Style Wheat Ale is no exception. This Witbier style ale pours from the bottle a light, golden colour with two fingers of head left slowly settling. The aroma is light with coriander and orange notes alongside a light an pleasant wheat scent. The aroma is on the light and citrusy side of Witbiers but that seems to be the point. By labeling this beer Belgian-style tradition can be twisted a bit brewing a beer perfect for the west-coast summer heat. The flavour is big with Orange and Lemon notes along side a light and refreshing coriander wheat. This is a very light beer which goes down very easily in the heat. This Red Racer beer does not really seem all that Belgian lacking the yeast tones and intensity that you may expect. None-the-less it is a very sessionable and enjoyable summer brew.

Alcohol – 5%
IBU – 16
Size – 650ml bottle
Price – $6.00 (Private Liquor Store)


Red Racer Wheat Ale ReviewRed Racer Wheat Ale Review

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  1. Terry
    Terry 19 June, 2014, 10:40

    I was pretty impressed by this one, had it quite fresh too which is always nice with a wheat beer, I got a nice spicy finish from this one. Finally nice to see some good quality wheat beers (beyond King Heffy) being created here!

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  2. Home Brew
    Home Brew 11 June, 2015, 18:04

    Do you know if you can get this in Ontario?

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  3. Belgian Ale
    Belgian Ale 18 October, 2016, 03:32

    Finally tried this one and loved it. I really enjoyed the orange and coriander flavours which really balances out the beer.

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