Dead Frog Brewery – Super Fearless Imperial IPA #3

Dead Frog Brewing Super Fearless IPA


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Dead Frog Brewery – Super Fearless Imperial IPA #3

2014_05_BMBC-4706 The third batch of Dead Frog Brewery’s Super Fearless Imperial IPA is out now at your local craft beer retailer. The massive IPA comes in at 9.0% and a whopping 93 IBUs. Coming from a bomber bottle this beer pours with three fingers of thick and lacing head on top of a clouded, amber coloured ale. The smell is thick with booze and northwest style hop with an imperial style sweetness and creaminess on the nose. The flavour is sharp with booze but also not quite as hoppy as you may expect. Do not mistake this if a light and sessionable beer though. The first notes are smooth and lighter than expected but that is merely a curtain that is pulled back at the finish. With a bludgeoning of hop bitterness on the finish the Super fearless finishes with a punch of hop and alcohol. This is an imperial IPA for the true hop fanatic.

Alcohol – 9%
IBU – 93
Size – 650ml bottles
Price – $7.50 (Cold Beer and Wine)



Dead Frog Brewing Super Fearless IPADead Frog Brewing Super Fearless IPA

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