Steamworks Brewing Co. – Jasmine IPA

Steamworks Brewing Jasmine IPA Review


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Steamworks Brewing Co. – Jasmine IPA Review

Steamworks Brewing Jasmine IPA ReviewThe Jasmine IPA was a sneaky little release from the Steamworks Brewing Company. This 355ml bottle has been snuck into the summer taster pack that is available through your local craft beer retailer. This beer pours a golden colour with a finger and a half of head. The smell is floral with a distinct, creamy hop that is relatively mellow but defined. The flavour is relatively malty with a floral aspect coming from the jasmine. The hop is defined but stepped back slightly leaving room for the Jasmine to breathe. You may not pick out the Jasmine flavour without a little bit of help but once you know it is there the concept is quite clear. This is an easy drinking IPA with a unique twist that just about anyone should be able to appreciate!

Alcohol – 6.5%
IBU – 60
Size – 12 x 355ml (Only available in the Mixer 12-pack)
Price – $24.75 (Cold Beer and Wine) (not on website)



Steamworks Brewing Jasmine IPA ReviewSteamworks Brewing Jasmine IPA Review

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