Dageraad Brewery

Dageraad is Brewing up a Belgian Beer Storm in Burnaby BC

Kegging the first Dageraad Brew
Dageraad Brewery Dageraad brewery is the start of something great. This new brewery opening up in Burnaby BC is a niche among niches looking to specialize in traditional Belgian style ales. Belgian tradition runs deep with brewmaster Ben Coli. This long time craft beer fanatic and home brewer, transformed into a full blown brewer with the investment in a 12HL brewhouse. Tied to the Tangent Cafe off Commercial Drive in East Vancouver you should see brews start hitting the taps just in time for Vancouver Craft Beer Week at the end of May.

A brewery doesn’t come together without a few hurdles along the way and Dageraad is no exception. In true craft beer tradition,the road to brewing success is paved with the comradery and support of a close-net and caring industry. Over the past months with the support of others and a whole lot of elbow grease the Dageraad team has pieced together a brewhouse that will surely quench the thirst of BC and closer to home, Burnaby craft beer drinkers.

Dageraad Brewery - Ben And MitchThrough a diverse past leading to craft beer Ben has seen many things in his journey to this moment. If there is one thing that the characters within this industry have taught us though is that there is no recipe for success. Quality beer comes from a passion for the product and a care for the people around them. Along with the brewing education and homebrewing experience it is clear that this small and humble team has what it takes to capitalize on the exploding opportunity that is BC Craft Beer.

First out of the tanks will be the Dageraad Amber and the Dageraad Blonde. Both of these beers will be traditional Belgian styles and will be launched at Vancouver Craft Beer Week starting May 30th, 2014. Both brews will have distinct style but remain consistent to the Dageraad brand at the same time. While the ingredients and process will differ the one consistency across all brews will be the yeast. A specific strand of Belgian yeast will be used for all beers and will be the common thread tying it all together.

Dageraad BreweryRight off the bat you will be most likely to find this niche beer on the taps within Vancouver. More specifically it will undoubtedly be a sure thing at the tied house, Tangent Cafe. Not so far down the line though you will start to see the beers coming as a true Belgian should. Finished off with a stint of bottle conditioning the bottled lineup is where this brewery has true potential to shine above the rest. Keep a keen eye out for the Dageraad brand at your local taphouse very soon. Following that, bottles will be just behind and hitting the shelves of your favourite craft beer retailer.

Craft beer is an art and an art is a form of expression. The Belgians do things a little bit differently but when done correctly – it is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

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  1. Terry
    Terry 14 May, 2014, 08:47

    looking good, will be nice to see something different on the market

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  2. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 19 May, 2014, 16:32

    I am very excited for the opening of this brewery. Belgian Style beers are amazing.

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