Townsite Brewing Inc. – Cardena Belgian Quad

Townsite Brewing Inc. Cardena Belgian Quad Review


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Townsite Brewing Inc. Cardena Belgian Quad ReviewWith Belgian tradition Powell River’s Townsite Brewing has one upped their triple to brew a Belgian Quad called the Cardina. In Anchorman style this beer is named after an old wooden ship. The SS Cardena was a union steamship which carried people up and down the BC coast well before the days of BC Ferries. In this case though the Cardena is a Belgian Quad which is a massive 10.5% alcohol. Opening the bottle and beginning to pour you will observe a deep, dark, copper brown colour with a thin finger of quickly dispersing head. From this rather dark beer comes well toasted, big Belgian malts and some sweet clove and dried fruit notes that add spice and body to the aroma. The flavour is big and boozy with apricot and prune notes adding a fruit-sweetness along side the big malts and alcohol flavours. In a smaller beer this may come across rather sweet but in a beer as big as the cardena the sweetness and intense flavour mellows the alcohol tones and balances the whole ordeal. This may not be the beer to enjoy by yourself on a Tuesday night but it is quite good. Gather a couple friends and savour this delicious Belgian tradition!

Alcohol – 10.5%
IBU – 30
Size – 650ml
Price – $10.50 (Craft Retailer)

Townsite Brewing Inc. Cardena Belgian Quad Review
Townsite Brewing Inc. Cardena Belgian Quad Review

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